Cyber Security Alert ! Phishing emails from compromised accounts

4 April 2018
Phishing Email Alert image
Phishing emails being sent from compromised accounts


Department of Health and Human Services has been made aware of phishing emails being sent from compromised Department of Premier and Cabinet and Western Health accounts. Whilst these accounts have been disabled, there is a possibility that phishing emails have been sent from other compromised accounts. 

These particular phishing emails may contain a subject heading with the phrase ‘Outlook Update’ or the word ‘Gift!’ and may include a message requesting credentials.

Action required:

  1. Go to your email system. Look for subject headings containing the phrase ‘Outlook Update’ or the word ‘Gift!’ in every email folder including your inbox, sent, outbox trash etc.
  2. If these types of emails appear in your emails, identify the recipients of these emails.
  3. Contact your IT Department immediately for further advice.