Are you prepared for an emergency?

19 August 2019
severe heat bushfire
Do you have a plan for responding to major emergencies, such as extreme heat, severe storms and extended power disruptions, which will reduce the risk of negative impacts to your clients and staff?

The department has refreshed the Health and Human Services Sector Emergency Management Policy (formerly the Health and Human Services Sector Emergency Preparedness Policy) to make it easier for you to understand your emergency management responsibilities.

The streamlined policy focuses on activities required before, during and after emergencies.

The policy is accompanied by a reference guide with useful tips and advice for developing an emergency management plan. The reference guide is also intended to assist funded organisations to meet their obligations under the policy.

While the policy has been updated to improve clarity, it is important to note that your obligations for emergency preparedness have not changed from previous years. If you have clients or services that are located in areas with an increased risk of bushfire, there are additional responsibilities and these are specified in the policy.

Annual emergency preparedness reporting

Just like funded agencies, the department also has emergency management responsibilities to meet. In order to meet our obligations, we need to be confident that the services we fund and deliver are prepared for emergencies. We ask funded agencies to complete the Emergency Management Policy funded agency reporting tool by 1 November 2019. Reports can be submitted from 1 October 2019.