Changes to streamline the acquittal process for placement support brokerage

1 June 2021
In December 2020, the department advised providers of foster care and lead tenant services that quarterly reporting of expenditure by item is being replaced by annual reporting of expenditure by the existing placement support categories (such as: items and equipment, carer support, and transport under $3,000).

Key changes - a reminder:

  • The streamlined reporting requirements mean that organisations receiving placement support brokerage will no longer be required to routinely provide date, client name, funded activity, item descriptor, and period of service information in the expenditure acquittal template
  • These changes do not apply to the acquittal of high-cost placement support, for which service providers will still need to provide expenditure information by item at a client level
  • These changes do not affect performance reporting against funded targets via service delivery tracking (SDT)
  • The department may seek additional detail from service providers for audit purposes, and to support policy development or planning.

Service providers should consolidate the existing expenditure data in the new annual template and forward the template to the department after the end of the financial year.  Total expenditure will be deducted from the total funding allocated to the organisation for the year to determine funds to be recouped by the department, where applicable.

Further information

Download Operational Update 1-2021  

Download Placement Support Brokerage Expenditure Acquittal template