Changes to Victims and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2018

23 December 2019
victim of crime
The Victims Charter has been strengthened by new legislation, which came into effect on 4 November 2019.  The legislation which introduces these changes is sections 12 and 13 of the Victims and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2018.

There are two main changes which impact organisations funded to provide services to victims of crime. Organisations are required to:  •    Establish and operate accessible, transparent systems for the agency to receive and resolve complaints from victims regarding compliance with Charter principles. The systems established by agencies must offer fair and reasonable remedies. •    As soon as reasonably practicable after commencing to deal with the victim, inform the victim of o    the agency’s Charter complaints system, and o    their right to have their complaint reviewed by the Commissioner if they are dissatisfied with the agency’s response. For further information contact the Victims of Crime Commissioner's office on 1800 010 017 or by email at Alternatively you can refer to the Victims of Crime Commissioner web page.