Child Safe Standards - Standard 6

23 September 2019
child safe
The Victorian Government is committed to supporting and working with organisations who come in direct and regular contact with children. Currently in focus in the Child Safeguarding Regulations team is Standard 6 – strategies to identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse.

In their most recent quarterly bulletin, the team’s focus on standard 6 is in place to remind organisations to think about and define any risks that reduce the likelihood of harm to children. The team has reminded organisations to do what is in their power to reduce risks by completing a risk assessment and understand what could go wrong and what an organisation can do to reduce or remove risks. It is a requirement of the standards that all organisations have strategies in place to help identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse. For more information about Standard 6, please refer to resources 6 on the department’s Resources for Child Safe Standards page.

If your organisation requires further assistance to comply with the Standards, please contact the Child Safeguarding Regulations team on (03) 9096 6160 or email Child Safe Orgs.

To read the Quarterly Bulletin on Child Safe Standards, click here.