Fresh new look for the Funded Agency Channel!

23 October 2017
Person holding smartphone displaying new Funded Agency Channel mobile homepage
The homepage of the new FAC website features quick links and a simplified menu structure.


Welcome to the brand new version of the Funded Agency Channel website which was unveiled on 23 October, 2017. With the new site has come a new address, so you can now find FAC at

Why has FAC been redeveloped?

Feedback from FAC users was that the site was out of date, hard to navigate and contained an excessive amount of content.

What has changed?

The new user-focussed site contains much of the same key information the old site was well-known for, arranged in a simpler structure:

  • News:
    • Key updates for the funded sector
  • My Agency:
    • How to access My Agency
    • How to reset your eBusiness login details
    • My Agency FAQs
  • Tools and resources:
    • Service Agreement Info Kit (SAIK)
    • Essential policies including the Policy and Funding Guidelines (PFG)
    • Incident reporting including CIMS
    • Data collection
    • Systems including details about CRISSP and IRIS
    • Legislation
    • Useful links such as DHHS area directors and more
  • Training:
    • My Agency and FAC
    • CRISSP
    • L17 family violence portal
  • Help:
    • FAQs

We are keen for the new site to provide a fantastic user experience, so if you have any feedback or comments, please feel free to email the team or use the feedback function on the bottom of each page of FAC.