New Client incident management system

29 January 2018
Person sitting using laptop
The Department of Health and Human Services has developed a new Client incident management system (CIMS)

The Department of Health and Human Services has developed a new Client incident management system (CIMS) that focuses on the most serious incidents and strengthens processes to respond to, and more effectively manage client incidents.

1. CIMS implementation from 15 January 2018

From 15 January 2018, the new CIMS applies for all in-scope department-funded organisations and Victorian registered NDIS providers of disability and psychosocial supports.

The new CIMS is supported by a new policy: the Client incident management guide and the Client incident management guide – out-of-home care addendum.

These documents can be downloaded from the CIMS webpage.

2. Helpline service from 15 January 2018

For the initial 12-months of the implementation of the CIMS, a CIMS helpline has been established to provide advice and support. The helpline is available between 7 am - 7 pm on weekdays and public holidays and between 10 am - 3 pm on weekends.

You can call the CIMS helpline on 1300 024 863 or email

3. CIMS IT – links to incident report webform and client incident register

Access the CIMS incident report webform

Access the CIMS client incident register

4. CIMS IT onboarding

CIMS IT onboarding is complete or underway for many service providers. Organisations intending to use their existing IT systems and the CIMS application program interface (API) that have not completed the CIMS API onboarding process are required to use the department-built client incident register (CIR) until their systems are ready.

Service providers intending to use the department-built CIR and who have not completed the CIMS CIR onboarding process for their organisation are requested to do so urgently or risk non-compliance with their service agreement obligations.

5. Implementation support for CIMS

Learning and development

Online, self-paced modules will support individual staff learning to embed the CIMS in practice. Staff are able to attend classroom-based training programs on incident investigations, incident reviews and root cause analysis reviews. User guides and e-learning modules have been developed to support users of the CIMS IT.

See the CIMS learning and development resources on the CIMS webpage.

To register for CIMS classroom training go to the training registration portal.

CIMS Toolkit

Fact sheets, a flip chart and report templates have been developed to support the CIMS policy.

6. Fax transmission of incident reports

In-scope service providers are no longer able to fax copies of incident reports to the department.