New information security resources for funded agencies

25 September 2020
Funded agencies access and/or manage public sector data to enable delivery of services to the Victorian community. The Service Agreement outlines funded agencies’ responsibilities in relation to information security.

To assist funded agencies with information security, the Department of Health and Human Services will launch its new SharePoint site Information Security and Funded Agencies in a live online event on Monday 28 September from 3-4pm.  

Primary SAMS contacts at each applicable funded agency have recently been asked to provide nominees to access this SharePoint site and receive future information security correspondence, and all confirmed nominees have received an invite to this event.  The event will be recorded for nominees who cannot attend.

A new page will be created on the Funded Agency Channel in the Tools and Resources section, titled 'Information Security.' The page will contain further information and a link for nominees of each funded agency to access the SharePoint site.