New VPDSS information security resources and survey

10 May 2021
cyber security
New documents have been uploaded in the SharePoint site Information Security and Funded Agencies to help information security nominees at funded agencies understand Victorian Protective Data Security Standards (VPDSS) requirements in relation to public sector data. This applies to agencies funded by both the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing and the Department of Health (the departments) that are part of the VPDSS assurance program.

The new resources include:

  • VPDSS information security assurance and funded agencies, which provides answers to key questions about VPDSS requirements and will assist nominees with completing the survey
  • A Simplified Information Asset Register template with supporting explanatory documents to assist agencies that have not previously created one
  • Information security staff training modules created by the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC).

The VPDSS Project team has also commissioned an information security survey to be completed by all funded agencies to assist the departments in their upcoming VPDSS attestation to the Office of the Victorian Commissioner (OVIC). The survey will be released to the information security nominees of each funded agency on Tuesday 4 May through Microsoft Forms. Final survey submissions are due by Friday May 21.

Nominees can access these new resources in our SharePoint site, which is accessed through the Funded Agency Channel. Information security nominees will receive further information about this survey, including how to access it, via email from the VPDSS Project team.