Out-of-home care contingency quote form

27 November 2019
out of home care
The Department of Health and Human Services has implemented a new quote form for unfunded contingency placements.

Providers will be asked to complete the form whenever a new contingency placement is established, which will identify:

  • staffing costs; 
  • administration and management costs; 
  • property costs;
  • client related costs.

The process will have several intended benefits, including: 

  • better tracking and forecasting of expenditure;
  • ensuring payments are made in a timely manner;
  • increased transparency of the services we are buying, helping us make better placement decisions for clients.

This approach has already been implemented in some divisions and will now be rolled-out across the state. 

A copy of the form can be found here for your reference. Your local divisional contacts are happy to talk to you about how to complete it and we are happy to hear your feedback on how the form could be better and accurately capture contingency placement costs.