Policy and funding guidelines update 2018–19

23 July 2018
Man smiling while he looks at his computer
The Department of Health and Human Services policy and funding guidelines has been updated for 2018-19.

The Department of Health and Human Services policy and funding guidelines (Guidelines) outline the department’s policy framework, objectives, budget, service deliverables, desired outcomes, reporting requirements, program guidelines and funding initiatives.

The Guidelines are integral to the department’s contractual arrangements with funded organisations through the Service Agreement and Statement of Priorities and updated annually.

The newly updated Guidelines (2018–19) consists of three volumes:

Volume 1: Departmental overview

Presents a consistent departmental message reflecting key government intentions and machinery of government changes.

Volume 2: Health operations 2018–19

Details health initiatives, pricing and funding arrangements, conditions of funding and activity levels for the financial year.

Volume 3: Human Services policy and funding plan 2015–19, update 2018–19

Sits alongside the Service Agreement and Service agreement information kit (SAIK), assisting organisations funded for human services activities to meet their service delivery requirements.

Volume 3 is divided into four chapters:

Chapter 1: Overview and key initiatives

Chapter 2: Human services output budget information and unit prices

Chapter 3: Operational and program policies

Chapter 4: Activity descriptions.

You can access the Policy and funding guidelines 2018 on the department’s website.