Policy and IT updates for CIMS

4 February 2020
IT update
The Client incident management system policy and associated IT are being updated to clarify and streamline reporting processes and to reduce administrative burden for in-scope services. 

Policy update 1-2020, which consists of five key changes, will be applicable from 3 February. The changes include: 

  • Extending the timeline for submission of major impact incident reports from 24 hours to within three business days of becoming aware of the incident
  • Replacing the monthly bulk submission of non-major impact incident reports with a requirement to submit reports individually within three business days of becoming aware of the incident
  • Removing the screening process for major impact incidents (follow-up actions are determined automatically)
  • A requirement to submit case review outcomes and outcome reports to the department
  • Replacing the term ‘alleged perpetrator’ with ‘subject of allegation.’ 

The policy document, a summary guide, a flowchart and FAQs can be found on the Client incident management system page

Reminder: Please ensure that email contacts in the CIMS IT are up to date for your organisation. Step by step instructions on how to do this is in chapter 13 (Managing user profiles) of the CIMS IT Client Incident Register User Manual.

For further information contact CIMS@dhhs.vic.gov.au