Review of Victoria’s child safe standards

17 December 2018
Two children sitting together
We invite organisations, peak associations, authorities, regulators and members of the community who work with or have children, to participate in a review of Victoria's child safe standards.

The Victorian Government is reviewing child safe standards and the regulatory scheme that supports them.

The review seeks to understand how the Victorian child safe standards have been implemented by organisations, and if the regulatory scheme that supports compliance is operating effectively.

The review will also provide valuable evidence about Victoria’s experiences implementing and regulating compulsory child safe standards, to inform ongoing work on the development of a nationally consistent approach.

How you can participate

We invite organisations and their staff and volunteers, peak associations, relevant authorities and regulators and members of the community who work with children or have children, to review an issues paper on the Engage Victoria website and participate in a short survey.

We also ask you to share the consultation link with your membership and key stakeholders.

The closing date for the consultation and the survey is Friday 22 February 2019. If you have questions about the review, email

What are the child safe standards?

All Victorian organisations that provide services or facilities to children or employ children are required by law to comply with the child safe standards.

The child safe standards are comprised of three overarching principles and seven broad standards. 

These have been designed to drive cultural change in organisations, so that protecting children from abuse is embedded in the everyday thinking and practice of leaders, staff and volunteers.

Read the issue paper and take the survey here. More information is available on the Commission for Children and Young People website or DHHS website.