Role based security for My Agency and SAM

10 November 2017
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Role based security is here


As of 17 November 2017, organisations now have the ability to restrict the viewing of different types of data to registered users in their organisation. This is in response to a number of requests from organisations, and to comply with the requirements of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.

Prior to this change, anyone from within a funded organisation who had access to the Funded Agency Channel's My Agency and Service Agreement Module (SAM) was able to view all of the organisation's service agreement and client data. New role based controls now allow an organisation to select between a range of different access levels (permissions) for each of their registered users.

How is this administered?

The access controller (AC) is a new role for registered users within SAM. Nominated ACs will have the ability to monitor and adjust the permissions for each registered user. The Guide to Role based security provides further information about the permissions and how to apply them.

What does this mean for me?

If you are a FAC registered user and the Organisation Authority or primary contact for your organisation, you have been given the role of AC. You can delegate this role to other registered users in your organisation. The Guide to Role based security provides instructions on how to do this.

What happens to existing registered users?

All current registered users will continue to have their usual access permissions.

What about new users?

When new users are created by the AC, the permissions provided by the AC will prevail. Users created by the FAC team will receive default permissions which provides access to all data excluding RIS (client data) and Performance (acquittal and service delivery tracking).

Further information

The Guide to Role based security contains all the information you need about how role based security can assist your organisation to meet its privacy and data security obligations. If you have forgotten your eBusiness login details please email the eBusiness helpdesk.