SAMS to be updated to reflect MoG changes

24 June 2021
On 1 February 2021, a machinery of government change took effect, restructuring the former Department of Health and Human Services into two departments, Department of Health (DH) and the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH).

DH is responsible for the Health, Ambulance Services, Mental Health and Ageing portfolios, and continues to lead the Government’s public health response to the Coronavirus pandemic. DFFH is responsible for the portfolios of Child Protection, Prevention of Family Violence, Housing and Disability, Multicultural Affairs, LGBTQI+ Equality, Veterans, and the offices for Women and Youth.

The Service Agreement Management System will be updated from 28 June 2021 to give effect to the machinery of government changes. When agencies log into My Agency they will find their Service Agreement has been allocated to DH or DFFH based on the nature of the funding they receive to deliver services.  Agencies may also find they hold service agreements with both departments if the portfolios from which  funding has been derived now sit across the two departments.

From 1 July 2021, DH will use Australian Business Number (ABN) 74 410 330 756 and DFFH will use the new ABN 88 139 482 080. An agencies' Service Agreement with each department will contain a revised recipient created tax invoice arrangement, representing the new departmental party.

No action is required from agencies in relation to these changes. In most cases, the Service Agreement primary contact will remain the same.