Targeted care packages

16 October 2017
The introduction of standardised payment rates for key worker services commenced for all new targeted care packages on 9 October 2017.


Targeted Care packages (TCPs) play a critical role in enabling children and young people to transition from residential care into an alternative living arrangement that better meets their needs, and to prevent entry into residential care.

It is recognised that key workers are a core part of most TCPs. The key worker has a pivotal role in supporting implementation of the TCP through providing a case management role consistent with the child or young person’s case plan and cultural support plan.

To promote consistency, transparency and sustainability in the application of key worker costs when assessing TCP proposals, the department has introduced standardised hourly payment rates for key worker and other support worker services funded through TCPs.

The payment rates represent fully costed hourly rates for key worker services that are inclusive of all costs, including administrative costs, on-costs and non-wage items. A case worker supervision allowance is also included. The rates represent fair and reasonable prices for the delivery of high quality case management related services taking into account the complex needs of children and young people in residential care.

Providers with existing TCPs are encouraged to speak with their divisional representative regarding how the transition to standardised hourly rates will be applied.


For community service organisations, the following are the key TCP contacts in each departmental division:

North Division  Raelene Matejka
South Division  Natasha Abeysekera
East Division  Hannah Clancy
West Division Kathleen Brilliant

More information

The Targeted Care Packages Guidelines (September 2017) and Frequently asked Questions to support community service organisations and divisions with the delivery of TCPs are available on the Targeted Care Packages page of the Department of Health and Human Services website

The Targeted care packages implementation manual and templates to support the delivery of TCPs are available from the Policy and procedures page.