Targeted Care Packages: key documents updated

27 February 2018
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TCP documents updated post the introduction of standardised payment rates for key worker services.



Targeted Care Packages (TCPs) play a critical role in enabling children and young people to transition from residential care into alternative living arrangements that better meet their needs, and to prevent entry into residential care.

The key worker has a pivotal role in supporting implementation of the TCP by providing case management functions consistent with the child or young person’s case plan and cultural support plan.

In October 2017, standardised hourly payment rates for key worker services were implemented to provide a fair and reasonable cost for services delivered and to support consistent application of key worker costs across individual clients and divisions statewide. Standardised hourly payment rates take into consideration the complex nature of care required to support children and young people transitioning from residential care, or at risk of entering residential care. The hourly payment rates represent fully costed face-to-face direct care services that are inclusive of all costs including salary on-costs, non-wage items and case worker supervision allowance.


Key TCP documents have been updated following consultation with the Centre for Excellence Child and Family Welfare and a range of service providers delivering TCPs. These documents include:

  • TCP FAQ for providers

  • TCP implementation manual

  • TCP Form A package administration arrangements

  • Form B goals and deliverables

  • Form C funding schedule

The department is committed to working with TCP providers through ongoing implementation of the standardised payment rate to ensure a fair and sustainable unit cost and regular updating of program guidance, as needed.

More information

For community service organisations, the following are the key TCP contacts in each departmental division:



Contact details

North Division

Raelene Matejka

South Division

Natasha Abeysekera

East Division

Marita Delany

West Division

Kathleen Brilliant

 The Program requirements for out-of-home care services page contains the Targeted Care Packages Guidelines and Targeted Care Packages Frequently Asked Questions to support community service organisations and divisions with the delivery of TCPs.

The Policies and procedures page contains the Targeted Care Packages implementation manual and templates to support the delivery of TCPs.