Updated DWES Instruction now available

18 November 2019
disabililty worker
The Disability Worker Exclusion Scheme (DWES) Instruction has been updated to include requirements for registered NDIS providers, and to clarify requirements for authorised labour hire agencies.

The Scheme is designed to protect people with disability and staff by ensuring that people who are found to be unsuitable are placed on the List and prevented from obtaining further employment in disability services with the department or a disability service provider or registered by the department.

This Instruction has been amended to outline the screening obligations of both disability service providers and registered NDIS providers (and the authorised labour hire agencies that engage staff for these providers) that must be complied with by registered NDIS providers until the NDIS Worker Screening Unit is operational (Transition Period) and by disability services providers until the Victorian Disability Worker Registration and Accreditation Scheme is operational in Victoria.

The updated instruction can be accessed through the DWES website <https://providers.dhhs.vic.gov.au/disability-worker-exclusion-scheme>